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Study hard or work to have a good and clear job.

Group Founder: mphumeleli
Description: This group want people who like school and jobs.So it gave the world how to live and have fun about your all every one kwon that with out school know life better join the group to find fact how to:- studysolve problemsthis group could also help you with you every day problems.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 6
Category: Business, Work, and School > Jobs

Topics (2)

go what is the most impotant thng in the wh (0) mphumeleli
school iz

go with out school know life. (0) mphumeleli
what can you say about our topic

Polls (3)

go which country is know as the developed country ?
go Which subject is know as the impotant 1.
go what can make life more easy.